Friday, July 30, 2010

The Great De-Stash Challenge!

Like most people, I easily get inspired with vibrant color fabric and made me spending so much time lurking around trying to find the best fabric. Being a mom with a month old daughter and 18 months old toddler, I realized that it's not easy to have "me" time. I've been putting my love for sewing at halt for nearly 2 months now. I have to say it's not easy to cut fabric when you're a 9 months preggers. Haha! I don't crave for food while I was pregnant, however I have insatiable appetite for fabrics! I think it got worsen by the end of the pregnancy. ;P

It's about time for me to warm up the engine by finding motivation to start working on projects. Luckily I've stumbled upon de-stash challenge organized by and it's just what I need! I'm going to use at least 30% out of my stashes.. I hope I can.. oppss.. that's not it.. I know I can! Hahahaha! :)


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