Friday, April 30, 2010

Problem sewing elastic thread using Brothers Sewing Machine? - Solved!

I was frustrated with elastic thread because it won't gathered.. it looks like a plain stitch. I thought I did something wrong as there are thousands of tutorials for elastic thread - even our fellow malaysian crafter made a tutorial for it - said that it's a easy peasy thing to do. Little that I know, there's a bobbin tension that needs to be tighten for Brothers sewing machine. I found the great info through a fab tutorial from Cretiveheart... I L.O.V.E the outcome!

If you encountered similar problem - usually found on Brothers sewing machine, just give it a try. It'll blew your mind away! :D

Credited to creativeheart.. Lots of love.. Thanks! :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Simple zipper tutorial

As I was lurking around people's blog, I found this fabulous tutorial on inserting the zippers. Zipper is something I haven't try on but seeing this tutorial does boost my confidence! ;) This is the simplest zipper tutorial I've ever seen.. It's easy and neat! Check out the webby!

Credited to :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Exhausted @ 32 weeks..

I took a good 2 weeks break (from sewing) because of my aching back -plus the frustration of having NO camera! It hurts so much till I don't get enough sleep. Slept for a good 2-3 hours per day.. Well, I guess that's normal.. ;) I forgot all about it after I had Zhafran and now it's all coming back to me.. Hehe! I really wanted to buy myself a good camera but time is running out and I even haven't decide on where I should deliver.. SJMC? SMC? Pantai? Ipoh?

I should get back to the sewing department and be more relax about my work. Everything is hay-wire since I'm aware of my pregnancy.. too many things to do in so little time.. Maybe I need a break from work.. argh! or maybe not.. I'll enjoy the time I have now; at work and with Zhafran.. Then, I'll have a good 2 months break plus Raya break till I bore myself to death! Haha! **If that's will ever going to happen.. LOL!

**Still looking for a name.. Ideas? ;)

Friday, April 16, 2010

PC fair coming to town!

I went to PC fair today.. Thinking of surveying new camera or new lappy for mommy ;P.. I've always had my eyes on Canon S90 but the price at the PC fair is very disappointing. The standard price is RM1699. I could get better price at Low Yat which is only RM1499. Tried to nego with a few of the seller, all they can give is more free gift which is more or less the same as the rest. It's very frustrating to not having a camera.. No pictures to post and basically I feel pointless.. LOL!

**Packing my bags to go back to Ipoh.. Woohooo! Maybe I could get better deal there.. hehe! :)

Kampung.. Here I come! ;)

I can't wait to go back to my hometown today! Simply because I really wanted to give Iffah 2 dresses and a skirt that I made for her. I really want to see if it fits her.. LOL! I love making girls clothing and give it away. (I don't have baby girl - yet ;P ) At least it forces me to make something within dateline. ;) I'm so glad that I've completed those on time and I hope my SIL and Iffah love the dresses! Keeping fingers crossed! :D

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspired by Dura's circle dress.. :)

I was so inspired by a dress made by Dura. She made a circle dress which I envy.. Thanks Dura for sharing your work! I don't enough fabric to work on as most of my collection are all less than a meter each.. So, I've made the dress below from the limited fabric that I have. Not circle but have the same look.. ^__^" I'm thinking of giving it to my niece for her kenduri aqiqah.. Will only give it to her after the ceremony ended.. lol. I don't want to pressure the mommy to make her wear for the ceremony.. ;)

The dress is too dull for my so I added up the rose embelishment on the belt to make it.. ermm.. merrier? haha! I made it from felt and I hope it'll stay longer on the dress..

I bought only a meter for the ribbon and it turns out short and distorted looking.. lol.. Should have listen to hubby when he suggested a meter and half for it.. ;p

P/S: Sorry for the poor resolution of the photos. The lighting wasn't good and I, on the other hand, is NOT a good photographer. lol. Maybe I'll take a photo of her wearing it.. or maybe not.. haha!


Updated! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sewalong - Box Pleat Skirt

I saw a beautiful box pleat skirt made by Maya. I really wanted to try it out. Then, she came up with a sewalong project. I've cracked up my brain trying to figure out the box pleat skirt. Finally, I've completed 2 skirts - same fabric but in a different size. I guess everyone knows by now that I'm lacking of fabric to work on.. :P I've made 1 for my soon-to-be-arrived baby girl (size - 6 months) and another for my 1 year old niece.

I should have waited for the box pleat skirt tutorial by Maya. She made it looked so easy! ;) Thanks Maya for the tutorial. I will try it soon... :)

If you're interested to join Maya's sewalong. Please visit her webby and post the link of your completed project. :)

Booties for Adam..

I wanted to join Sew-it organized by Mayya but my camera is dead - my battery charger is MIA and the worst thing happened - my laptop crashed! I guess the angel of luck is not by my side for the whole week. :( So to turn it around, I decided to take a break from internet and focusing more on sewing. :) Here's the too-little-too-late booties. ;)

Haha! The same fabric as Haziq pj.. :)
I just love the rainbow effect. Very cheerful.. :)
Now -- The booties is with its rightful owner - A beautiful baby boy - Adam!
I hope mommy loves it. :)
It doesn't look girlish... right?? ;)

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