Monday, August 30, 2010

Chef Hat for Hana

Going back to work isn't what I looked forward for after having spent 2 months at home. Haish~ Having had new responsibility at work and home really makes me worn out. Hopefully it'll get better soon and I can have my own time doing what I love - sewing! :)

Luckily, I had a couple of hours to spend on a handmade birthday gift. It was a bit rush but thankfully I get it done on time! yay! Happy Birthday Hana! Mak Cho loves you! ;)

The Chef Set for Hana

It looks more like a mushroom than a hat! lol~

Just trying on applique.. I'm happy just because I'm able to read it.. Haha!

Poor photo resolution. I blame it on camera and time... Never me.. *isk isk isk isk ;)

My little prince trying on the Chef Hat. It's adjustable! It easily fits him (2 years old) and me (old enough to not have mention it here.. haha!) Btw, I used velcro~ :)

I hope Hana loves the gift. She once told me that she wanted to be a chef so I thought she'd love this set. Hana, it's time to bake cup cakes! *Ohh... teringin pulak nak makan cupcake utk berbuka.. sabar sya.. sabar... isk isk isk..

Happy birthday dear! :)

My next project is baju melayu... stay tune~~


Blossom inch said...

Hi! I love this set. Can you make the apron for me? Selamat Hari Raya.

my email:

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