Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boy's button-up shirt - v2

It's hard to make the kids sit still for the photo session. Haha! Thanks to Brittany, so far I've managed to make 3 button-up shirt for my son and nephews. :)

I love the rainbow fabric. It suits well with my nephew Haziq and I love the dark blue burberry fabric on Amir. :) Since I didn't get the chance to measure them myself, it's all based on a hunch.. lol! The pants and sleeves are shorter for Amir and for Haziq, it fitted just nice which means, he can only wear it for a couple of weeks. Haha! :)

As for the felt design, I was looking for how to stitch a blanket stitch and I found a great webby - Crafty Daisies on the how-to.


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