Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beautiful blog award!

Rule No. 1:
Thank and link the person that gave you the award

Thanks to MAYA for awarding me with the award. I've always been a silent reader to blogs and learn a lot of things from ppl in sewing community and Maya's blog is one of the must-read blog. :) I'm so grateful that many bloggers are willing to share their thoughts, their skills in sewing. Sewing has been a therapy me. Thanks!

Rule No. 2:
State 7 things about yourself

1. I just started sewing 1 1/2 months ago. :)
2. I'm currently 7 months pregnant and awaiting for the arrival of a baby girl. :)
3. Loves to read and learn from other blog. Oh yeah! And collecting tutorials!
4. Latest madness - Buying fabrics!
5. Trying to sew as many as possible for my soon-to-be-arrived-baby but ended up giving it away to friends and family. ;)
6. Looking/thinking desperately for a name for my baby girl.. Any idea? :)
7. In just within a week - I've lost my camera battery charger, my laptop crashed and I can't transfer any photo into my hubby's server. Luck is just isn't on my side. Darn! :)

Rule No. 3 :
Pass this award to 15 bloggers that you've discovered and think they are fantastic.

I'd like to award this beautiful awards to the blogs who have inspired me and taught me a lot in sewing world. Thank you so much! -In no particular order- :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

All I have.. :)

Honestly, I envy people who has a collection of beautiful fabric and lots of colors and design to work on. :P It does somehow brings out creativity. You can easily mixed and matched fabric to form a truly homemade garments. Since I'm new in this, I tend to buy a fabric for a specific project. Last night, I feel like I want to have a decent collection of fabric so I went to Cotton Zone at Tesco Mutiara Damansara. They're having 20% discount till 31th of March. Although they do give discounts, I still feel that it's expensive. Oh well, that's just my opinion. ;)

Bought these cotton fabric from Nagoya and Kamdar. Good bargain and they were on sale!

These are the cotton fabric that I bought from Cotton Zone. The printed cotton are all half meter, only the plain pink that I bought 2 meters (that was the last - already cut fabric). They cost me RM84! The price is more or less as the designer fabrics!

Cotton knit fabric is pricey! haha! It's really hard to find in Malaysia. I searched high and low for it and finally found it at the People Textile at Jln Petaling. Not many variety of pattern there for children but I did find 1 or 2 that I liked - it was just my luck! :)

I seriously am not sure the name of the fabric. I found it, liked it and bought it. I did a kimono out of it and found out that it became "furry" after the first wash.. So I don't think clothing suits for the type of fabric.. Hurmm.. What do I know?? anybody knows what to do with the fabrics? Let me know! :)

These are the heavy cotton type which I have no idea of what to make.. Maybe a diaper bag or a baby carrier? Too many project to work on before my confinement. Gambate ne! :)

Well.. These are all I have.. :)

Peasant Blouse

Finally I've completed a dress for my soon-to-be-arrived-baby-girl. Thank you so much to Maya for the wonderful tutorial and the effort to make the tut for the world to learn. The tut is so easy to follow and you do not need a pattern for it. Her explanation on cutting the fabric is very well presented. :) This tutorial is for 6-12 months old baby so I guess it's going to be in the closet for quite some time before the owner could wear it. :) Btw, the pants tutorial is not included. I actually just applied the same method for the ruffle on the short tutorial. I thought I'd be great for baby girls pants to have ruffles on it. ;)

I bought the fabric from Kamdar and it was on sale. It cost me less than RM5 per meter and for this dress, it only requires half a meter. The fabric isn't as cute as the designer' fabric but it's good enough for a rookie like me. So I won't feel miserable ruining the expensive designer fabric if I screw up.. ;p I think I could make another dress from Maya's tutorial - The dahlia dress - out of the left overs fabric. Yay! :) How I wish I have stashes of fabric to work on.. Oh well.. :)

Boy's button-up shirt - v2

It's hard to make the kids sit still for the photo session. Haha! Thanks to Brittany, so far I've managed to make 3 button-up shirt for my son and nephews. :)

I love the rainbow fabric. It suits well with my nephew Haziq and I love the dark blue burberry fabric on Amir. :) Since I didn't get the chance to measure them myself, it's all based on a hunch.. lol! The pants and sleeves are shorter for Amir and for Haziq, it fitted just nice which means, he can only wear it for a couple of weeks. Haha! :)

As for the felt design, I was looking for how to stitch a blanket stitch and I found a great webby - Crafty Daisies on the how-to.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lost my camera battery charger! Argh!

I've lost my camera battery charger.. I've no idea where to look for it anymore. I couldn't get any photo of it due to my camera is out of battery. So far I've made 3 button-up collar pajama for my wonderful nephew and Zhafran and no camera to put it up on my blog.. I've add up felt design to spice up the look. :) Wish I could capture it on my camera.. Oh well, maybe next time. My latest project is working on with cotton knit fabric which now I realized that it's hard to work on for a newbie like me. I bought a few yards of such fabric for my unborn child but I guess I have to work on my skill on sewing in general first. I wonder what to do next? A baby carrier? or a sundress? baju kurung for my niece? Oh.. I think I'll make a dress, baju kurung and a skirt for my niece. Haha! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010


Ever since I knew that I'm pregnant, I've been longing to make booties and mittens for my unborn child. Actually I made this before I made the button-up shirt but I was swamped with work and completely forgotten about it. lol I tried the tutorial on cotton knit fabric - it's stretchable fabric. Quite pricey I must add. Oh well.. mrgreen Next time, I'd buy an XXL adult t-shirt at Tesco for my next cotton knit projects. wink

I wanted to add embellishment on it but decided to wait till the baby comes out and we actually have a name for her. Yes, it's a girl! wink Mittens are coming up next! mrgreen

There are many fabulous tutorial on booties all over the internet. Here's the one that I refer too. Joanna had posted up beautiful projects on her blog that's well worth trying for. Check it out yourself! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Boy's button-up shirt ;)

As you may all know that I just took up sewing but I have this insane urges to make garments for children. Actually my sis-in-law requested me to make her a kimono for her children but her hubby was suggesting a button shirt instead. So I've tried my hands on boys shirt and here's the "test" result. I'm going to make another 1 for my 5 year old nephew. :)

I love the fabric and color. I'm not fully satisfied with the execution and I do hate the collar stand. I just traced the pattern from Zhafran's old shirt. I should have bought a pattern book instead for more accuracy. Oh well.. maybe next time. :)

A big thanks to Brittany from Crafty Phesine for her wonderful tutorial on Boy's Button-up Shirt Collar. I'm so thankful for the tut as I couldn't figure out the easiest way to make a collar shirt. It sure broaden up my knowledge in sewing department. :)

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