Monday, August 30, 2010

Chef Hat for Hana

Going back to work isn't what I looked forward for after having spent 2 months at home. Haish~ Having had new responsibility at work and home really makes me worn out. Hopefully it'll get better soon and I can have my own time doing what I love - sewing! :)

Luckily, I had a couple of hours to spend on a handmade birthday gift. It was a bit rush but thankfully I get it done on time! yay! Happy Birthday Hana! Mak Cho loves you! ;)

The Chef Set for Hana

It looks more like a mushroom than a hat! lol~

Just trying on applique.. I'm happy just because I'm able to read it.. Haha!

Poor photo resolution. I blame it on camera and time... Never me.. *isk isk isk isk ;)

My little prince trying on the Chef Hat. It's adjustable! It easily fits him (2 years old) and me (old enough to not have mention it here.. haha!) Btw, I used velcro~ :)

I hope Hana loves the gift. She once told me that she wanted to be a chef so I thought she'd love this set. Hana, it's time to bake cup cakes! *Ohh... teringin pulak nak makan cupcake utk berbuka.. sabar sya.. sabar... isk isk isk..

Happy birthday dear! :)

My next project is baju melayu... stay tune~~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things I want to do.....

I'm eyeing on several tutorials that I'd like to work on. Some of the projects are time consuming which I don't have much to spend.. Not to mention very ambitious as well. :)

Kids Floor Cushion by Living with Punks

I hope I get to make all these~ \^o^/

Credit goes to Loving with Punks, Cute as a Fox, Bare foot in the Kitchen, Obsessively Stitching and Honey Bear Lane

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Itsy Bitsy dress for the lil pwinsess..

I ran out ideas and fabric to work on.. Yes.. you heard me right, I used most of it and some others are reserved for other projects.. Can't believe I'm out of fabric! *I was so sure I was broke because of it~ haha! So I had to use what I have.. It doesn't really match nicely, but it does the job.. I wish I have variety of color swatches to work on.. Urgh.. too bad we don't have fabric allocation in our monthly expenses checklist.. haha!

Here's what I came up with scrap fabric that I own. :)

She was sound asleep when I dress her up.. Clearly, she didn't have enough sleep because of me.. yawn~

I only took 1 picture of her all dress up.. hmmm..

Not sure why I took a photo of the undies right on top of the dress.. It's hard to see it clearly.. Oh well.. too lazy or too sleepy to reshoot.. hahaha! She needs her beauty sleep.. as well as her mommy~ :)

Last but not least, I want to wish all Muslim friend
Salam Ramadhan and Happy fasting. :)

*A couple of hours to go before sahur, so happy cooking or heating ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Found a great webby where you could literally convert a photo into cross stitch! I haven't try on any cross stitch project before but by looking at the results featured on the webby, I'm tempted to try one. Although it's a scary thought to have a picture of me in cross stitch!

There are 2 options;
a) You get the chart and do it your self OR
b) Have her make one for you!

Personally, either way it's a good bargain! I think it's unique and timeless and it will be a sweet memory to have your picture in such form.

Credit to

Visit her blog to see more of her work and hop on to her store if you want to make one for yourself too! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Completed my 1st baju kurung! ;)

I've always had this feeling that I could never sew a baju kurung (malay traditional clothing). Still unsure of the reason but I picked myself and have it a go. This is my first project after a long 2 months of hiatus. I must say that I'm terrified of the outcome since I'm still a rookie in this field.

Finally, I've managed to sew a baju kurung for my little princess. Thanks to Maya, Aziela and Solehah who are kindly enough posted up tutorials on baju kurung. Thank you sooo much! :D

Here's the result!

Too sleepy to continue sembat the sleeves and baju.. Ah~ it can wait.. hehehe~ :)

Here's the link:
Baju Kurung for a year old toddler
How to sew baju kurung's collar/neckline
How to make/measure baju kurung

Credit goes to Maya, Aziela and Solehah.

*No worries on baju raya this year.. Mommy will make another one for you Zara.. hehehe!

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