Friday, October 15, 2010

Giveaway by Izue !

Most of the crafters are eager to have their own label whether you're serious or not in craft. Want to know more about the label, visit Izue's blog!
If you're still unsure bout it, guess what?!

She's having a giveaway now!
Free label for 2 lucky winners! YAY!
Lets join the Giveaway!
It ends this Oct 25th!

Here's the updated design! :)

*We've already got the winner.. Sadly it's not me.. *sob*sob* but I'm glad that I joined.. just because I love the final design.. Maybe I will get this one made after all.. hurmm.. lets see.. :)


izue said...

thanks for joining this giveaway.
tapikan..utk cukup syarat, apa kata u just letak any design yg u ade. then if u win, bole je bagi design lain =). oke?heeee

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