Monday, August 6, 2012

Tutorial: A line dress pour Zara

I wanted to make something simple for my little Zara so an A-line dress sounds perfect for me. It is so easy to make for a beginner (or for a working mom that don't have much time to enjoy sewing as much as she wanted to ;) Sunday after Sahur is the perfect time for some "me" time..

First, find a dress that you could trace the pattern from.
I personally don't like to trace on top of the tracing paper. I trace it directly to the fabric to cut down some time. ;) It is a bit risky but that's just me.

Cut the fabric
The collar I made it slightly oval just to try out the look.
This is also a free-hand pattern ;)

I decided to pipe my dress so I piped the collar, arm hole and the bottom of the dress.
I have also added a 2 minutes rosette with sequins to add the fun on the dress.
For full tutorial, you can view it here. It's an easy to follow instruction.

She reminds me of Bam Bam Flintstones.. :)
This post ends with a kiss...... :)


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