Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fabric hunting: Cotton and felt

As I browsed around the net, I get really excited looking at the fabric collection of everyone has! I tried to find (cotton) fabrics from major stores here but there are not many option. I wanted to make a project for newborns and I really wanted to find soft cotton. Ideally cotton interlock but couldn't find anything here. Oh well, maybe I'd go as far purchasing it on the net. biggrin

Later on I fell in love with felt. My hubby fell in love in the idea of making it into booties. He downloaded few tutorials from the net on it. I don't really have the mood yet but hopefully I will soon. wink I bought it from Yee Button House at SS2. They have the imported ones and local. So you have variety of options on the quality. A4 size of a imported felt may cost you RM4. I don't know of the pricing for felt but it does sounds expensive to me. confused I went to Macy (last Friday)at Petaling Street (where I've read somewhere that you can get a cheaper felt) but sadly it was closed. I reached there at around 6pm. Should have gone sooner. sad


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