Sunday, February 14, 2010

My first project!

I fell in love with this tutorial. It's a little too ambitious for a rookie like me. I didn't do it reversible because I wanted to do a simpler version of the tutorial. It was the first time I ever handle a sewing machine.. Opps.. forgot, I did took ERT when I was 15. It was too long to remember. LOL! I'm proud of it. At least it's a finish project. Although I agree that the work is sloppy. Haha! I will re-do the project soon. rolleyes

Here's the dress' front and back pictures.

As for the second attempt, I get my hands on this tutorial which I think is perfect for my little boy. It's pretty easy to follow and the tutorial was beautifully done. The thing that I love the most is when I see my little boy wearing it! Love it!

P/S: I bought few meters of left-over fabrics from Kamdar. Darn cheap. Cost me about RM2 permeter! Definitely a good start for me. ;)


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