Sunday, April 25, 2010

Exhausted @ 32 weeks..

I took a good 2 weeks break (from sewing) because of my aching back -plus the frustration of having NO camera! It hurts so much till I don't get enough sleep. Slept for a good 2-3 hours per day.. Well, I guess that's normal.. ;) I forgot all about it after I had Zhafran and now it's all coming back to me.. Hehe! I really wanted to buy myself a good camera but time is running out and I even haven't decide on where I should deliver.. SJMC? SMC? Pantai? Ipoh?

I should get back to the sewing department and be more relax about my work. Everything is hay-wire since I'm aware of my pregnancy.. too many things to do in so little time.. Maybe I need a break from work.. argh! or maybe not.. I'll enjoy the time I have now; at work and with Zhafran.. Then, I'll have a good 2 months break plus Raya break till I bore myself to death! Haha! **If that's will ever going to happen.. LOL!

**Still looking for a name.. Ideas? ;)


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