Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspired by Dura's circle dress.. :)

I was so inspired by a dress made by Dura. She made a circle dress which I envy.. Thanks Dura for sharing your work! I don't enough fabric to work on as most of my collection are all less than a meter each.. So, I've made the dress below from the limited fabric that I have. Not circle but have the same look.. ^__^" I'm thinking of giving it to my niece for her kenduri aqiqah.. Will only give it to her after the ceremony ended.. lol. I don't want to pressure the mommy to make her wear for the ceremony.. ;)

The dress is too dull for my so I added up the rose embelishment on the belt to make it.. ermm.. merrier? haha! I made it from felt and I hope it'll stay longer on the dress..

I bought only a meter for the ribbon and it turns out short and distorted looking.. lol.. Should have listen to hubby when he suggested a meter and half for it.. ;p

P/S: Sorry for the poor resolution of the photos. The lighting wasn't good and I, on the other hand, is NOT a good photographer. lol. Maybe I'll take a photo of her wearing it.. or maybe not.. haha!


Updated! :)


d u r a said...

gorgeous little dress!
the felt flower really 'pops' and i agree that it will make the dress 'merrier' :)

aisyah, you can put pin under the felt flower, so that, ur niece's mommy can always take it off when she wants to wash the dress.

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