Saturday, May 8, 2010

A little yellow polka dot dress for baby Qaseh..

I recently bought polka dot cotton from Kamdar SS2. The colors are vibrant and cheerful, suitable for kids clothing. Don't think it cost much though but you're most welcome to survey it yourself at Kamdar. ;)

My colleague invited me to his daughter's 1st birthday party at 8:30 tonight. Since it was a last minute invitation, I didn't have the time to shop for the birthday gift so I thought of making her a new dress out of the cotton that I've just bought. :) A great idea after a long hiatus from sewing! yay!

I know most of baby girls tend to wear pink and I think it's cute too! but I believe Qaseh can pull off any color so why not yellow? It would be a little bit different for her. ;) Since I don't have Qaseh's measurement, I took on Zhafran's and make it a little smaller to fit a year old baby girl. I made a basic pattern for little Iffah (refer to last entry) but I had to tweek the pattern a bit to match Qaseh.

Finally, I have the courage to work with zippers! Yes - I was terrified of it but no more! I found it easier and hassle free compared to buttons. Do I speak too soon? ;P Thanks to the lovely tutorial by I helps me a lot to overcome my fear! ;)

Here's the completed project photos. It's a simple dress. Not many details took place but I'm happy with the result. It may not be much by most of you but for me, I'm happy with the dress.

Sorry for the poor photo quality. I admit, I don't have the eyes for photography. ;P

Zhafran? ^o^"

My poor little baby boy who had to model for his mother.. Well, I do need to check if it fits.. ;) All I can say is - it wasn't easy to take a single good photo of him.. He hated the dress.. Haha! The dress is a little bit small for him - just the way I want it.. ;)


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