Thursday, August 5, 2010

Completed my 1st baju kurung! ;)

I've always had this feeling that I could never sew a baju kurung (malay traditional clothing). Still unsure of the reason but I picked myself and have it a go. This is my first project after a long 2 months of hiatus. I must say that I'm terrified of the outcome since I'm still a rookie in this field.

Finally, I've managed to sew a baju kurung for my little princess. Thanks to Maya, Aziela and Solehah who are kindly enough posted up tutorials on baju kurung. Thank you sooo much! :D

Here's the result!

Too sleepy to continue sembat the sleeves and baju.. Ah~ it can wait.. hehehe~ :)

Here's the link:
Baju Kurung for a year old toddler
How to sew baju kurung's collar/neckline
How to make/measure baju kurung

Credit goes to Maya, Aziela and Solehah.

*No worries on baju raya this year.. Mommy will make another one for you Zara.. hehehe!


sayunk said...

kak, bju tu klu letak butang salut cantik tu..:)
jom singgah blog sayunk..
sayunk ade jual cover button..:)

Aziela said...

waaa..tahniah..Terima Kasih kerana sudi jadikan blog saya sebagai panduan Aisyah...

sweetbajukurung ada kongsikan tutorial jahitan


MamaDaniel said...

sweetnyer... *.*

Anonymous said...

Selamat menjahit baju kurung dan semoga berjaya... kat bawah ni ada tutorial

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