Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Itsy Bitsy dress for the lil pwinsess..

I ran out ideas and fabric to work on.. Yes.. you heard me right, I used most of it and some others are reserved for other projects.. Can't believe I'm out of fabric! *I was so sure I was broke because of it~ haha! So I had to use what I have.. It doesn't really match nicely, but it does the job.. I wish I have variety of color swatches to work on.. Urgh.. too bad we don't have fabric allocation in our monthly expenses checklist.. haha!

Here's what I came up with scrap fabric that I own. :)

She was sound asleep when I dress her up.. Clearly, she didn't have enough sleep because of me.. yawn~

I only took 1 picture of her all dress up.. hmmm..

Not sure why I took a photo of the undies right on top of the dress.. It's hard to see it clearly.. Oh well.. too lazy or too sleepy to reshoot.. hahaha! She needs her beauty sleep.. as well as her mommy~ :)

Last but not least, I want to wish all Muslim friend
Salam Ramadhan and Happy fasting. :)

*A couple of hours to go before sahur, so happy cooking or heating ;)


tomei said...

hi.. blog-hopping and bump into ur blog.luv ur blog..does give me inspiration to sew more..kekek.btw..congrates for ur new family member.soooo cute...got a baby girl too :)..she's 3 month ol' now.born on april.. I'm beginner in this sewing area..it'll be nice if you give me some hand and idea.. and be want of my guiding friend..:)

* a i s y a h * said...

Sure! no problem! :)

**You have a nice blog btw.. :)

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