Sunday, March 7, 2010

Boy's button-up shirt ;)

As you may all know that I just took up sewing but I have this insane urges to make garments for children. Actually my sis-in-law requested me to make her a kimono for her children but her hubby was suggesting a button shirt instead. So I've tried my hands on boys shirt and here's the "test" result. I'm going to make another 1 for my 5 year old nephew. :)

I love the fabric and color. I'm not fully satisfied with the execution and I do hate the collar stand. I just traced the pattern from Zhafran's old shirt. I should have bought a pattern book instead for more accuracy. Oh well.. maybe next time. :)

A big thanks to Brittany from Crafty Phesine for her wonderful tutorial on Boy's Button-up Shirt Collar. I'm so thankful for the tut as I couldn't figure out the easiest way to make a collar shirt. It sure broaden up my knowledge in sewing department. :)


Brittany said...

Nice work! Thanks for letting me see what you did. That makes me happy. You'll get the collar stand down, I'm sure. I'm impressed that you just started sewing!

Zura said...

Hi Aisyah! Wow, that collar sure looks great! Wish I found the tute before sewing mine, but then I was fully trusting the book that was not huhu....the one I attempted is a flat collar though, not the stand one. Perhaps I'll make another collar soon using this tute...err..once I get over my collar sulking haha

* a i s y a h * said...

Brittany - Thank you so much for your time and effort on making the tutorial for the world to learn! It's really not much tut for boys around.. Your comments really makes my day and boast up my confidence in sewing. Thanks again Brittany! :)

Zura - Thanks for the compliments.. :) I'm always has been a silent reader of your blog. I found your work very creative and lovely. The PJ is really cute too! ;)

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