Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lost my camera battery charger! Argh!

I've lost my camera battery charger.. I've no idea where to look for it anymore. I couldn't get any photo of it due to my camera is out of battery. So far I've made 3 button-up collar pajama for my wonderful nephew and Zhafran and no camera to put it up on my blog.. I've add up felt design to spice up the look. :) Wish I could capture it on my camera.. Oh well, maybe next time. My latest project is working on with cotton knit fabric which now I realized that it's hard to work on for a newbie like me. I bought a few yards of such fabric for my unborn child but I guess I have to work on my skill on sewing in general first. I wonder what to do next? A baby carrier? or a sundress? baju kurung for my niece? Oh.. I think I'll make a dress, baju kurung and a skirt for my niece. Haha! :)


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