Sunday, March 28, 2010

All I have.. :)

Honestly, I envy people who has a collection of beautiful fabric and lots of colors and design to work on. :P It does somehow brings out creativity. You can easily mixed and matched fabric to form a truly homemade garments. Since I'm new in this, I tend to buy a fabric for a specific project. Last night, I feel like I want to have a decent collection of fabric so I went to Cotton Zone at Tesco Mutiara Damansara. They're having 20% discount till 31th of March. Although they do give discounts, I still feel that it's expensive. Oh well, that's just my opinion. ;)

Bought these cotton fabric from Nagoya and Kamdar. Good bargain and they were on sale!

These are the cotton fabric that I bought from Cotton Zone. The printed cotton are all half meter, only the plain pink that I bought 2 meters (that was the last - already cut fabric). They cost me RM84! The price is more or less as the designer fabrics!

Cotton knit fabric is pricey! haha! It's really hard to find in Malaysia. I searched high and low for it and finally found it at the People Textile at Jln Petaling. Not many variety of pattern there for children but I did find 1 or 2 that I liked - it was just my luck! :)

I seriously am not sure the name of the fabric. I found it, liked it and bought it. I did a kimono out of it and found out that it became "furry" after the first wash.. So I don't think clothing suits for the type of fabric.. Hurmm.. What do I know?? anybody knows what to do with the fabrics? Let me know! :)

These are the heavy cotton type which I have no idea of what to make.. Maybe a diaper bag or a baby carrier? Too many project to work on before my confinement. Gambate ne! :)

Well.. These are all I have.. :)


Sew Chic said...

Wow that is a lot of fabric..i look forward to seeing what you are going to make with them :)

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

d u r a said...

Cool fabric!
New to your blog and i'm hooked! Love what u do. anyway, thanks for linking me.

p.s: People Textile tu kat mana ye? kat Petaling Street ke?

* a i s y a h * said...

Mayya - I look forward seeing your collections of tutorials so that I could use the fabric and not having it collecting dusts on the cabinet. :) Thanks for your time and effort collecting them! :)

Dura - I've been a silent reader of your blog and loving it!

** People Textile tu kat seblah Kota Raya Complex along Petaling Street. :)

ciknab said...

aisyah, klu kain yg "furry' 2 biasanye akak buat bedung baby

Marsh said...

hey i like your blog la. i was also trying to find cotton knit fabric. what was the price range you bough at People's Textiles?

Anic said...

>> I seriously am not sure the name of the fabric. I found it, liked it and bought it.
Hi, this is flannel. I use it for cloth pad. :)

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